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Our Mission

RL9  is a team of professionally trained all-stars in the fields of sports and marketing. Led by Rashard Lewis, each team member shares a commitment in training athletes to become winners on and off the court.

Our mission and goal at the Rashard Lewis Academy is to enhance the lives of athletes from the young & innocent kids who play to pursue their dreams of playing in high school or at the collegiate level. We promote the love and passion for the game through training, leagues, and clinics. Our team also works with the professional athlete who is play for all the same reasons.


Rashard Lewis

Rashard Lewis

RL9 Academy is a youth sports organization that has been around since 2009. Based out of Houston, Texas, RL9 Academy was founded by Ed White, Emanuel White and Rashard Lewis. The organizations main objective is to have a positive effect on the youth through sports and teaching them life skills that transition into the real world. 
Our coaching staff, directors and administration is committed to our student-athletes success on and off the court. We ensure that our athletes are trained by dedicated individuals that foster an environment that emphasizes high academic standards, athletic excellence, physical and mental discipline, nutrition, self-esteem, leadership and sportsmanship. This commitment is essential in the success of each player reaching their full potential . In addition to providing quality coaching and fundamental skill development, our ambition is aimed towards keeping the youth of today in the classroom and steer them away from negative influences. We value the importance of education on and off the court, while teaching the value of service and appreciation for our community. 

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17120 House & Hahl Rd
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                    Louetta Automotive Sports Complex

Louetta Automotive Sports Complex is an all inclusive sports facility that is the home to RL9 Academy. Our facility includes 4 high school courts and 2 NBA courts, hosting several athletic events through out the year.